Monday, July 16, 2007

My First Workshop--A Report

I am extremely pleased with the way my New Catalog Open House very first as a new demo for Stampin' Up. I actually held it over 2 days. The first one was Saturday and I held it here at my house. Only 3 people came and 1 guest, but it really turned out well. The second one was tonight, I held it in my classroom and I had 10 guests!! (2 of them teenagers of the guests) I was able to establish a Stamp Club...with 9 members!! I am really excited about that. Plus, I booked 3 workshops!! Whoo Hoo!! I had sales over $400, which was my goal. After putting in my own order...I broke even...another goal!!

So, I've already met my quota for this quarter!! So, with that...I'm exhausted and am going to bed!!!


Lois said...

Congrats on your success! I hope it continues. I dropped by to thank you for commenting on my blog and I'm in awe of your work. Beautiful.

Kim Ross said...

Fantastic results for your open house! Congratulations!! And three future bookings, too! Hope those will all be just as big! :)